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Rise in break-ins

September 8, 2015 - There has been a rise in break-ins to homes and cars. These are primarily happening in the area from 14th Street to 21st Street and Meridian Ave to Church Ave. Make sure that your valuables are out of view and your car and home are secure. Please report and suspicious activity to the Dade City Police Department.


Public Service Announcement – Water Quality Solicitations

The Dade City Police Department would like to alert the public of questionable telephone solicitations regarding water quality which may or may not be part of a scheme to defraud homeowners. The Police Department, as well as the Finance Office and other City offices, have received complaints from a number of residents in Dade City who have received these calls. The suspicious callers are telling homeowners that there is a problem with water quality in the area and a need for water testing due to contamination. The callers have been somewhat aggressive, unprofessional and abrupt in their tone when residents have shown no interest. Residents have reported that the Caller ID reflects that the calls are coming from “Pasco County”, associated with the telephone number 352-521-4285 (Utilities); however, the County has not authorized any solicitations on their behalf. There are a number of companies in the area who routinely solicit for water softening and/or treatment systems and consumers should carefully scrutinize any purchase of expensive systems for their homes. The City of Dade City and Pasco County Utilities want to assure residents that there is no need to be concerned about the quality of the water in the area. The Police Department has been unable to identify any specific company or individual involved with the solicitations, which could be part of a ruse to sell unnecessary filtration systems to unsuspecting homeowners or worse. Such scams have also been used by criminals attempting to gain access to personal and financial information or even residents’ homes. If anyone has any question about the validity of any such telephone solicitations, please contact the Dade City Police Department.

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